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Rental Exhibits

West Coast Exhibits has a large inventory of custom rental parts. These rental parts are like building blocks, that our designers can pick and choose from to make your rental exhibit have a custom exhibit look. The best part about these custom exhibit parts is West Coast Exhibits has already fabricated them, which keeps your exhibit price affordable and stay within budget. Our staff will work with you to find the best possible solution to your needs and your budget!

No Storage Fees

Exhibit storage fees can become expensive on large booths or with parts that are oversized. When you rent an exhibit from us, we provide all the components of the exhibit relieving the stress and cost of storage. If items are damaged in storage, we will accrue this cost directly for repairs with no cost to you.

Changing Design

All exhibit rentals can change from show to show without the cost of fabricating new pieces. Rentals can also change in size from a 10x10 to a 10x20 with ease of just adding more rental components. This allows you to change from design to design with ease and never have a worry of a design being over used or tiresome.

Less Expensive

Rental exhibits are far less expensive to facilitate then a custom purchased exhibit. If special fabricated items are needed, you still have an option of just buying them and not the entire exhibit. This also cost less on storage only having to store the parts you own.

Turn-Key Prices

West Coast Exhibits will always provide turn-key estimated prices on every rental exhibit no matter how large or small the exhibit design. By providing turn-key rental estimates, clients will have relieved stress and the satisfaction of knowing everything in their exhibit is covered and accounted for.

Design Gallery

WCE design gallery contains trade show exhibits, special event designs, kiosks, popup displays and large format printing jobs. Our gallery is constantly being added with new photos and render so please check often.

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More Then Just Exhibits

Looking for a Popup Display, Banner Stand or Portable Kiosk? We offer hundreds of portable display at a wide range of prices to fit any budget no matter how small it may be. Most of our displays have a lifetime warranty and are constructed of lightweight materials making setup easy and affordable to ship cross-county.

We also offer an assortment of Literature Racks, Standing Flags, Stands and Glass Cases at affordable prices for rent or purchase.

To learn more information on our special event services, please contact our sales staff: sales@westcoastexhibits.co

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