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Our Services

At West Coast Exhibits, we provide our customers with experience and attention to detail to bring the best craftsmanship anyone in the trade show industry can offer. Our skilled staff will work together with clients as a team approach. Making our clients trade show or special event a successful one, is our top priority!

Custom Fabrication

West Coast Exhibits can build any custom need that may arise. Our skilled fabricators have worked in the trade show exhibit and special event industry for years. They use their experience with our design team to reach the best possible solutions to any problem. Every trade show exhibit, kiosk, or special event will be worked out beforehand with our fabricators and designers so there are no issues meeting client needs. By doing this on every project beforehand, West Coast Exhibits can provide the best quality possible. We pride ourselves on building perfection and our quality control is outstanding.

Custom Rentals

West Coast Exhibits has many different avenues at our disposal that can work for our clients to provide them with the most cost effective solution to their needs. West Coast Exhibits can provide a large rental inventory of custom parts that our exhibit designers can pull from. With these custom rental parts they can intern give clients a rental exhibit with a custom exhibit look. Many rental exhibits are affordable because they are rentals and when clients are on a tight budget, but are looking for something more custom, custom rentals are the way to go.


Our exhibit designers can work with clients if needed; in order to make the most out of their ideas and make those ideas become reality. West Coast Exhibits design team has some of the best creative talent in the trade show industry. Our exhibit designers have endless years of experience in design and marketing in order to provide the best marketing message for our clients.


West Coast Exhibits provides in-house graphic design and can produce at affordable cost to you. Our graphic designers are not only very skilled, but are also very fast, making the most out of client budgets towards graphic needs. West Coast Exhibits graphic printing is second to none, and our quality control is amazing…. not to mention we can usually beat anyone’s price on graphic production.

Management Plans

West Coast Exhibits can provide you with any trade show management needed. We can help fill out show forms such as electrical labor, electrical service, I&D, and material handling, taking away the stress from the client so all they have to do is worry about showing up for the special event or tradeshow and leaving after its done. Let us do all the hard painful headache work for you.

Local Storage

West Coast Exhibits can provide clients with exhibit local storage in Las Vegas. If you own an exhibit and don’t want to pay the cost of shipping for every trade show, West Coast Exhibits can help. Our facility is equipped to store crate, skids, and pallets of any size, securely and damage free. Save time and money, store with us.

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